New Powerful Option: ESEQuant LR3 and Bioporto’s gRAD Lateral Flow Platform

The generic Rapid Assay Device – gRAD – is a quantifiable, ready-to-use and generic lateral flow platform designed to speed up the development of your own rapid assays. No specific antibodies are immobilized on the strip, making the test of a variety of biomarkers and labeling systems much more flexible and easier to use.

As an example, a gRAD-based assay for quantification of neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL), a marker for acute kidney injury, was performed in an automated fashion on the LR3 system. The verification trial showed that the excellent dynamic range and sensitivity of the NGAL assay was well supported by the superior LR3 system’s properties. Find out more about the improvement of lateral flow based tests.