Customizing your lateral flow reader

Available options

ESEQuant flex readers in different colors

Get to know the advantages and features of the ESEQuant Family with the starter kit. We offer you the developer software incl. trainings. Convince yourself of the reliability and performance of the latest generation of the ESEQuant readers.

Starter kit

Begin with the starter kit, which you can use for following purposes:

  • Software and trainings
  • R&D, validation and test development
  • Getting familiar with the ESEQuant readers.

Once you have identified your specific requirements using our Starter Kit, our customization process offers two options.


You can not only choose between our different readers but also customize each reader inside and outside to perfectly fit your individual needs. Take advantage of this option and get:

  • Individual adaptations
  • High flexibility
  • State-of-the-art technology.

Customization lite

Available for ESESQuant Flex only. As a contract manufacturer, we aspire to make the customization processes quick, easy and transparent for our customers.  Customization lite for lateral flow readers should serve exactly this purpose. It allows the customers to get their own reader version based on the generic ESEQuant Flex platform. The customer will get his reader in short time with individual type plate, documentation and drawer inlay.

Your benefits are:

  • Proven platform
  • Quick customization process
  • Ready-to-go system.

Customization – step by step

You start your R&D work with a starter kit, which is a fully developed system from series production. This reduces your developmental costs, speeds up your R&D process, and shortens the time-to-market for your rapid test.

Once your test development is complete, the Key Account Manager from DIALUNOX will help identify the most appropriate level of customization for your needs.

A wide range of customization options allows you to tailor your rapid test to make it easy to use and safe for your customers.

Once you have approved the prototype, we start with series production.

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Detailed information on step 3

Customization options

ESEQuant Flex ESEQuant Flex Fluo ESEQuant Go
Detection / Raw data evaluation
Detection wavelength yes yes no
Excitation wavelength yes yes no
Individual evaluation algorithms yes yes yes
Temperature compensation  yes yes no
Workflow / User Interface
Customized GUI workflow yes yes no
Branded User Interface yes yes yes
Test Method entry via Barcode yes yes yes
Individual housing colors yes yes yes
Company logo/device name on reader yes yes yes
Unique drawer for specific cassette design yes yes yes
Wi-Fi yes yes yes
Bluetooth yes yes yes
Cloud connection yes yes yes
LIS support yes yes no
External printer yes yes via app
External barcode reader yes yes no