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Partnering for success

High-quality products require highly experienced partners with a wide range of expertise. DIALUNOX is working with a large number of material suppliers, contract manufacturers, reagent suppliers etc., that offer outstanding products and services critical for successful development of lateral flow systems. Find out more about partners here or contact us for more details.


Your diagnostics specialist

Microcoat possesses unique expertise in immunological and molecular assay and product development. In close collaboration with its customers, the company identifies the ideal assay concept and develops it straightforward into a product from feasibility to production.

A technical transfer of later-phase projects to Microcoat’s production line is also a cornerstone of its custom development. In addition to established test formats, Microcoat is able to introduce new technologies and methodologies.

Nano Flow

High-quality gold colloids for lateral flow test applications

Nano Flow is a Belgian company active in the manufacturing of highly spherical gold nanoparticles for lateral flow test applications. With over 10 years of experience in that field, Nano Flow has developed a unique automated manufacturing process for its gold colloids allowing to reach excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility. Nano Flow Gold is used today in more than 100 million of rapid diagnostic tests.

Its highly spherical and monodisperse gold nanoparticles give key advantages compared to competing “spherical” gold particles where non-spherical shapes including particles with sharp edges like hexagons or triangles are present in high numbers or in majority.

Improved Stability. Spheres are shapes that minimize the contact surface for a defined volume. This shape thus decreases the ability to aggregate over time. Unique shelf lives of 18 months are provided to the customers.

Improved Sensitivity. Limiting aggregation, their antibody gold conjugates expose increased quantities of active antibody at the surface of gold.

Improved Precision. No odd shapes for same antigen-antibody association kinetics and less variability in your diagnostic assay.


Revolutionizing Biodetection

Kimialys is a French company that develops and enables cutting-edge biosensing products that will have a major impact for people’s health.

As a technology supplier and service provider, we focus on delivering the most reliable, scalable, robust and reproducible functionalization methods for biochips and nanoparticles, helping our customers get the most out of their Surface Plasmon Resonance and Lateral Flow Assay projects. We are also involved in the development of innovative products in the field of rapid diagnostic test, immunogenicity test and quality control of biotherapies, with the ambition to trigger a paradigm shift by leveraging our unique technology.

Kimialys is the result of 10 years of academic research on surface chemistry for biosensing, identified as the Achilles Heel of biosensors because of its major role in the specificity and sensitivity of the biodetection.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, as a commitment to provide high quality products and ultimate services to customers worldwide. We meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.


We revolutionize blood collection and sample preparation

SpotOnMe extract quality plasma from a drop of blood in less than 2 minutes without any specialized equipment. The plasma is measured accurately and processed with a buffer so that it becomes ready for a large range of tests. The design is compatible with any type of Lateral Flow Immunoassay for quantifiable results.

The process is fully automated and actionable with just one button. The device is inexpensive and disposable.

SpotOnMe’s device can be customized to user needs such as plasma volume, buffer type and volume, additives, and output shapes.

SpotOneMe is headquartered in Boston, MA.


Premier clinical contract research organization

PeploBio is a premier clinical contract research organization (CRO) at the forefront of regulatory affairs and clinical testing services. With a cutting-edge molecular laboratory capable of processing 5,000 samples/day, our ISO 15189-accredited facility emerged as a top private lab in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic. They have since evolved as an organization to offer analytical services and immune monitoring solutions to the biopharmaceutical sector, furthering our mission to excel science in the field of medical devices and technologies.

PeploBio’s comprehensive service package includes product development, clinical trials, and report drafting, thus supporting IVD/medical device manufacturers in market entry. Additionally, the company provides a variety of immune monitoring, proteomic, genomic, and diagnostic services. Powering innovation and advancement, PeploBio is a trusted partner for those seeking transformative healthcare solutions.

Below is the list of end-to-end solutions that serve the life science and biotechnology sector:

  • Clinical Trials: PeploBio specializes in immuno-oncology providing a suite of immune monitoring services such as: cell surface marker profiling, cell enumeration, phenotyping, proliferation, receptor occupancy, and cell cycle analysis. For bespoke markers they provide further assay development, assay validation services, including clinical trial testing and sample logistics in both a clinical and exploratory setting.
  • Regulatory Affairs: Consulting and third-party clinical evaluations services to enable market access to the UK, EU and US, support IVDR, FDA and MHRA certification.
  • Diagnostics: High throughput diagnostic testing solutions that include infectious disease, blood-borne viruses, and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Worldwide sample procurement including rare disease types.