A new dimension in test development

Lateral Flow Studio Software

The Lateral Flow Studio Software is a unique and comprehensive tool for the development of lateral flow tests to be processed by our ESEQuant readers.

The screen of the software

This all-in-one, easy-to-use system provides an accelerated test development process for the next generation of lateral flow assays and reduces development costs.

Quantitative lateral flow test development starts with the method creator, which allows you to create method files to read and interpret your lateral flow assays. The methods contain information such as:

  • number of lines
  • position of lines
  • signal interpretation
  • calibration parameters
  • calculation of final results

Each test line can be processed independently.

The next step is to pick the algorithm that best fits the raw data from your assay. Lateral Flow Studio Software also allows recalculation of raw data with different settings to optimize the results.

Imaging Studio Software

Pre-processing of raw pictures pictures to quantifiable data

The Imaging Studio Software is the starting point for test integration on our camera-based systems ESEQuant Flex and ESEQuant Go. A powerful tool to extract the region of interest from your picture. Within three easy steps, the definition is made to recognize cassettes, regions on the test array which shall be analyzed and to determine the best quantification algorithm to summarize the signal from one test band or dot.

Step 1

Define your outer cassette dimensions to recognize the object.

Step 2

Define your regions of interest: That’s where your testbands are. Several options are selectable to evaluate homogeneity of your testbands.

Step 3

Extract your peak profile from picture data. Quantify peaks with Studio Software.

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