Join Our Fight Against COVID-19!

Dear Customers and Partners

We hope this e-mail finds you well and healthy during this critical phase of the global COVID-19 pandemic issue. The situation caused by COVID-19 is increasingly difficult and we are sure that you as well are facing a lot of challenges in your business and private live.

We are proud to be part of a company where products are manufactured that are currently urgently needed. You might be aware, that QIAGEN mainly offers test technologies and solutions based on nucleic acid testing. But also we as QIAGEN Lake Constance can contribute in a field which is not competitive to NAT testing but supplementary: We offer world class solutions to detect antibody tests based on lateral flow. Contact us, if you develop or already have available a LF test and need an objective read out solution. Let us develop an effective way to fight this virus together!

As we are well aware of our responsibility in the current situation, we would like to inform you about the measurements taken by QIAGEN Lake Constance to secure compliance of delivery dates.

This however does also mean that we are more than aware about our role in the fight against this worldwide pandemic issue. So our main goal is to remain capable of acting and to protect the health of our business partners as well as our own health in the best possible way. Some of the measures we have implemented are listed here:

• To ensure maintenance of our production lines as well as of our service department, we have taken measures to limit close contact between employees by implementing shift operation.

• Where possible, employees are working from home. Meetings are held via video conferences to protect the health of our business partners as well as our employees
• All meetings with external partners are done via telephone and video conferences
• Individuals who are depending on public transport to come to work will be helped to find alternatives for transportation.

Of course we constantly monitor the need for additional measures and will keep you informed about those.

Stay safe and healthy and do not hesitate to contact us at any time!